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Eco Legend

Bamboo   Bamboo
This product is manufactured out of bamboo, which is a sustainable resource, as it is a fast-growing grass.
Biodegradable   Biodegradable
This product decomposes quickly and does not add to the landfill, as it is absorbed into the ecosystem.
BPA Free   BPA Free
The materials used in manufacturing do not contain/include Bisphenol A, which can be hazardous to humans.
Chemical Free   Chemical Free
No chemicals, toxins, dyes or additives are used in the manufacturing process.
Fair Trade   Fair Trade
The workers involved in manufacturing, are given fair wages and good employment opportunities in developing countries.
Handmade   Handmade
A one of a kind hand-crafted product that is made without the use of machines and is not mass produced.
Organic   Organic
The raw material used in manufacturing were grown without the use of synthetic additives or fertilizers & is solely made from plants.
Recycled   Recycled
This product has been produced using old material converted into new, usable raw materials or it is completely recyclable and does not add to the landfill.
Resuable Bag   Resuable Bag
A ethically made bag to reuse multiple times, instead of plastic shopping bags.
Reusable   Reusable
This product can be reused multiple times before being discarded.
Material used is created from Recycled plastic bottles or has recycled polyester.
Saves Energy   Saves Energy
This product is energy efficient and uses less energy to perform as well or better than standard products.
Saves Water   Saves Water
Water resources used are reduced, when using this product.
Solar Energy   Solar Energy
Energy used to function this product is taken from the sun, wind or natural resources.
Sustainable   Sustainable
The raw materials used in the production, are created while preserving natural resources for future generations.
Wood-Free   Wood-Free
No wood/trees have been used during the manufacturing process.

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